PA Flame Retardant


Product material PA6 nylon(polyamide)
Working Temperature -40°C~+ 125°C,short-term up to + 205°C
Characteristic Good flexibility, resistance to distortion, good bending performance, can withstand heavy loads; acid resistance, lubricant,coolant, etc.. with glossy surface, friction resistance
Carrying Capacity Can bear the weight of the foot, not broken, no deformation, can be quickly restored, and without any damage
Application Area Machinery Manufacturing, Electrical Insulation Protection, Lighting Equipment, Automobile Manufacturing, Aviation Equipment, Metro, Train, Automation Control and other industries


Hose specification Diameter x (mm) Packing(m)
AD7 5x7 500
AD7.5 5.5x7.5 500
AD8.3 6.3x8.3 500
AD10.0 6.5x 10.0 200
AD11.6 8x11.6 200
AD13.0 10.0x 13.0 200
AD15.8 12.0x 15.8 100
AD18.5 14.3x 18.5 100
AD21.2 17.0x21.2 100
AD25.0 20.0x 25.0 100
AD28.5 23.0x 28.5 100
AD34.5 29.0x 34.5 50
AD42.5 36.0x42.5 25
AD54.5 48.0x 54.5 25
AD67.2 56.0x67.2 25
AD80 69.0x 80.0 25
AD106 91.0x 106.0 20


Product description