Ningbo Bofeng Hoses Industry Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Bofeng Hoses Industry Co , Ltd is a professional manufacturer of plastic corrugated pipe enterprise . The company is located in the White Mountain IndustrialPark in Xiangshan County of Ningbo City , Wang Road No . 6.

Companies specializing in the production of automotive wiring harness pipe,auto motive tubing, electrical system hose, air conditioning pipe drainage pipe ofa washing machine, medical, telescopic tube, and the other PP, PE, PVC hose. All products are widely used in auto mobiles, electrical appliances, machine tools, medical equipment, and other fields.

The company added 5 corrugated pipe production line, the introduction of the industry technical backbone to provide quality assurance for the production of plastic corrugated pipe, the company always adhere tothe people--oriented, high quality, low sales policy, increase revenue for dealers and construction companies atall levels to support the company, we welcome the regional distributor to negotiate business.